Refunds and Disputes Policy

As GGHeaven is a place for gamers who prefer good service, we have an extremely clear refunds and disputes policy:

Refunds: As you pay for your order it goes into processing and 24h timer starts to tick. If you order was not started or delivered in those 24h and no agreement was reached to prolong the start or delivery time, we can refund at your wish with no questions asked. When order has been started or goods delivered, our obligations are complete and we do not refund. Refunds are done via the system to the payment method you used.

Disputes: We use all the tools at our disposal and do our best to prevent fraud. But as the nature of our business is digital, sometime mistakes happen and if you are reading this you probably had a charge on your card that you do not recognize. First we ask you to talk to your family members if they did a purchase for their favorite game on GGHeaven. Usually it is the kids who use the parent’s card without their consent, and then are silent when receipts are brought up. We are more than willing to easily return 80% of the money if you contact us by any contact method in 48 hours after purchase was made and returned the bought digital goods.
As 48 hours mark passes, we automatically assume that the transaction was made by an authorized person and our obligations are complete. Any disputes coming after that mark without contacting us will be fought and most likely will be not in your favor. We will also need to start the process of forceful returning or removal of digital goods that were bought in an illicit way.

We hope we have cleared all the questions you had and you will enjoy our services.


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