How to Buy in game goods safely?

Buy in Game Accounts, Services, Items and Goods safely with no problems!

Torreno, admin of here. Today I am going to talk with you about how to not get scammed online while buying digital goods or services and buy in game goods safely, and be left happy with your purchase (and that is what lead me to creation of this marketplace). 

Little back story (if you don’t care just skip to the guide): I have started my digital trading “career” at the beginning of 2013 with DOTA 2, I could say that I started earlier with other niche games but DOTA 2 is really what put me in the good spot and was the most profitable. You can guess I have seen many types of sellers, buyers and schemes. Although one thing is for certain – there will always be goods to be sold and bought as a proxy to time spent.  Rise and fall of DOTA 2 Items trading, phishing scams,  dupes and so on. I, as a speaker of English, Russian and Chinese worked on all the main marketplaces of those corners of the internet, meanwhile getting my degree in International Business. That has shown me that all of them SUCK. They suck either for Sellers or for Buyers, and in some cases – for both. Customers and Vendors are treated as just numbers on the screen and there is no personal connection. As Ferdinand Porsche said: If you want to do something well, do it yourself. That’s why I have created and closely monitoring my baby – – Marketplace for Gamers.

How do You choose a good product and seller and minimize your trading risks and stay satisfied?

First of all, digital trading is not a risk-free activity as you can recall accounts using original details only known to seller, you can lose your items or statistics if you are not careful enough with info your provide. Good thing is – you are at, we personally monitor buyer-seller relations, seller ratings and offerings to spot sketchy positions. We also have a protection system and seller liabilities to prevent the deal from having an unwanted outcomes, that allows you to buy in game goods safely.

Now, let’s take a look at the test offerings I have set up for the showcase purposes side by side:

Clear screenshots with all needed info, stats presented in the description, so freebies (phone number) and support from seller. Call to buy more goods from the store – long run and reputation target. (good addition would be dotabuff/armory/steam links). Price is set related to strategy to grow and cover the problems if they arise.

One screenshot where you can only see the info partly. No stats presented. No additional intend to support you. Price is 2.5 times lower than competitors. Too good to be true, at least feels like it. Although, seller might want to just sell this one account and be done with it, but with game trading you never know. 

We at marketplace will do our best to protect you in all cases, but you already know that only you can protect yourself all the times and you just learned how :). 

To summarize the above:

  • Buy at marketplace, because we love you.
  • If it sounds to good to be true, it’s probably not. I.E service is two times cheaper than a market value.
  • Buy from the Sellers who put effort in their offerings, support and work.
  • When in doubt flip a coin.

Thank you for reading my guide, I, Torreno wish you a happy shopping on our marketplace! Let us know if you have any other tips in the comments and they might get added to the guide! Good luck and have fun.

If you are looking to sell – check this Guide


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