Clash Royale Guide: Giant and Graveyard deck – road to Ultimate Champion

Clash Royale Giant Graveyard deck
The Deck!

There are different variations of the giant and graveyard decks: very fast, where there is garbage spam in the deck, standard (which I’ll tell you about), and heavier (with fire spirit, witch, fireball…) The most popular at the moment is standard with the queen. Queen is the first-choice pros take, not the musketeer or witch, because many opponent decks (particularly meta) are a lot easier to win with her.

About matchups: This deck of the giant and graveyard will be countered by such decks as those with electro-giant, decks with a huge amount of spam where there aren’t enough spells for that spam, coregigas with fisherman+granny, many decks with poison. The rest of the decks are easier to win than the above. A great matchup for our deck would be hogs, almost any fast decks that don’t have poison, many lava decks, and mortars.

Now a brief strategy on how to play against popular decks:

Lava – against lava, if the opponent puts it from the end of the map – ideally it’s worth going to the opposite tower using dark prince + graveyard – the best option, as there is enough elixir to then throw arrows or snow on the trash he can throw to the graveyard (prince should be put from the end of the map and until he passes the bridge, you can throw graveyard and have 3-4 more elixir in hand for the time he was dispersed. You can defeat lava with archer or flies, but it’s better not to waste both of them, because the opponent will understand that you have no air and will throw a balloon on the opposite tower.

 Bottom line: the basic rule is to not use all of your air cards if possible that your opponent has a balloon in his hand. When exchanging towers, it’s often worth going for 2 crowns rather than 3, because lava usually has trash on the ground,  with which he easily defends the graveyard if you don’t throw arrows or snow, and the main tower has a lot more HP than the side one.

Golem – not a great matchup, but the basic rule is to take down the opponent’s tower before 2x elexir and try to take down at least a third of the main tower, and ideally half. Golems are difficult decks, so more often than not, if you don’t take down or barely take down 3 crowns before extra time, they’ll have enough elixir for both attack and defense. If there’s a dark witch behind the golem on 1x, it’s better to kill her and lose some health on the side tower than to kill the golem in front of her, while the opponent will throw cards under golemites and witch after that and we will have no elixir on defense. This way you can easily lose by 3 crowns.

Electrogiant is a very hard matchup to win, just like with golem, you need to take down 1 tower before x2 and ideally half of the main tower. Also, keep an eye on the tornado cycle, if the opponent threw the egigant and spent the tornado, do not be afraid to throw the archer so that it is not in close proximity to the egigant, but it shoots at him, it is desirable to activate her ability. A trick: if an aegigant approaches the tower and the opponent has a tornado in his hand – you can throw the queen exactly behind the tower and if the opponent tries to pull her with tornado to the egig – he won’t succeed. Also, at 1/1 on towers, while throwing the giant in the center, you should expect a building in the bridge from the opponent (if he has one in his deck), so the giant will go for it, and the main and side towers will switch to the graveyard and the opponent won’t lose much HP on the towers, so at 2X you can try to guess and throw the graveyard ahead, but not with the giant, but with a skeleton army in the bridge, where the opponent will throw the building. It’s worth doing this if he’s done it before, so it might help you win the game, even if there was little chance of winning before.

Spellbaits: against any sb should play carefully up to 2x, mostly in defense, if opponent has inferno – on 1x you can attack only with dark prince + graveyard, in no case should you use giga + graveyard. When attacking with a giant when he comes to the bridge, you can throw flies in the center so that the inferno, which stands in the center react on them, not on the giant and toss the graveyard, thus, the giant will be alive throughout the graveyard spawn.

When attacking, you MUST have at least 1 spell, because there’s a good chance that the opponent will spam the graveyard, there’s no point in attacking without spells. On the goblin barrel in def best throw snow (you can defend completely if you throw it on time) or an army of skeletons at the side of the tower (no difference left or right). MUST not put the archer next to the tower, because the opponent will have an advantage to throw a missile and hit both the tower and the archer.

Sparky – you can never throw a giant on a line together with sparky. On the contrary, as soon as the opponent puts Sparky, you must throw a giant from the end of the map to the other tower and then you can throw flies to it. If a giant or goblin giant is tossed to the sparky by the opponent, a great solution would be to throw a graveyard directly to the sparky. That way, if the opponent doesn’t throw anything to her, she’ll die from skeletons from all sides. if he throws trash at her – trash dies from arrows or snow, also, if you need to kill the sparky in this situation without killing many units – wait until she shoots a skeleton from the graveyard and throw an army of skeletons at her. She will die quickly. Again, you’ll probably have to go for 3 crowns when dealing with the opponent, since most Spark decks go into a strong counterattack after defense and demolish for 3 crowns.

Hogs – here everything is simple, the main thing is not to put an army of skeletons under the log, the opponents often try to guess and throw the log in advance. Almost always the attack is carried by giga from the end of the map, to it add flies or dark prince and then the graveyard.

Crossbow – the main thing – do not throw a giant from the end of the map, when the opponent has as much elixir and in hand crossbow and vice versa need to throw a giant from the end of the map and then add a graveyard if the opponent has no crossbow in the cycle.

Pekka – almost all variations of bridge spam Pekka – you can win if up to 2x you almost demolished the opponent or you demolished 1 tower, it can be done only this way: the giant with the graveyard from the bridge. This is worth doing only when the opponent is in minus on the elixir or when the opponent threw, for example, an archer on one tower, then the archer can ignore and go just to attack the other tower. The archer on its own at level 14 will take away less than 1000 xp to the tower. If you don’t take the tower down to x2 it’s harder, especially if the Pekka is not with ram. At x2 will often be ram + pekkaa on one line and bandit and other spam on the other and it’s very difficult to defeat.

Elixir Golem – you have to play very carefully against the golem, you can’t throw a giant from the end of the map without tossing an archer. Either throw a 1x giant+grave from the bridge if the opponent threw any card more than 3x elixir to the other tower, or play carefully, throwing in different lines prince from the end of the map, an army from the bridge, thereby provoking the opponent also spend elixir and wait until he throws the elixir dragon. After that you can attack the opposite tower, because the elixir dragon is the strongest card in this deck, and without it the opponent is unlikely to have a good counter attack.

Mortar – you almost always get a good giant attack from the end of the map, something behind it, and toss the graveyard. Be sure to have a spell on the graveyard to kill the garbage that the opponent throws into the graveyard.

Coregiga – if the opponent threw a granny or a fisherman on one tower – giant from the end of the map to another tower and then toss the graveyard.

Mega-Knight – most often a giant from the end of the map, something behind him + graveyard. (Trick: it is often very useful to defeat mega-knight with giant, when the tower hits the mega-knight, and counter-attack with a giant and a graveyard)

Pigs + Recruits – a giant at the end of the map with flies and graveyard, it is desirable to demolish the tower before 2x and do not lose your own and always have the army or dark prince for defense .

Quick Balloon – Giant from the end of the map + graveyard, it is advisable to leave flies on the ball, otherwise mine + ball easily takes your tower.

Graveyard, most often with poison – counter, but you can win if you take down half or more of the tower before 2x, this can be done by throwing a giant from the end + archer behind him + graveyard.

MAIN TRICKS: sometimes enemies throw a building to the bridge, so the tower doesn’t hit the giant, but hits the graveyard, so sometimes it’s worth waiting for the enemy to put the building, if he didn’t put it in the bridge – you can safely throw the graveyard. Worth as often as possible to use the ability archer. Also works sometimes – throw archer on one tower and after that a giant with the graveyard from the bridge to another, while activating the archer ability. That way the opponent will often spend more elixir on the archer and not defeat the gig+grave. You need to count the elixir (if the opponent has 0 elixir and no minor spell, you can throw an army into the bridge, that way sometimes you can take down half or almost the entire enemy tower for only 3 elixir).

Hope you liked this Guide and it will help you get some trophies!


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