How to Buy and Sell DOTA 2 Accounts and what is the price

Dota 2 Accounts Buying and Selling will stay as long as players will be playing this game, so let's profit if we are selling and make a good purchase if we are buying.

How much Money is a Dota 2 Account worth?

According to Your Medal and MMR, and according to our website prices (you can check them below) price is as follows:

DOTA 2 Accounts
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  • Crusader
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Dota 2 Account 6200 MMR IMMORTAL

Dota 2 Account 6200 MMR IMMORTAL

Sold by GGHeaven
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Dota 2 Account 6100 MMR Immortal

Dota 2 Account 6100 MMR Immortal

Sold by GGHeaven
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dota 2 immortal account for sale


Sold by GGHeaven
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Dota 2 Account 5810 MMR Immortal

Dota 2 Account 5810 MMR Immortal

Sold by GGHeaven
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TIP: MMR Range might change over time as player pools change. If you see low prices you might be getting tricked unless the seller is trusted.

How to Buy and Sell Dota 2 Accounts?

You are in the right place! On our website you can Buy and Sell Dota 2 Accounts. 

It is very easy to purchase Dota 2 Account, as you only need to do couple simple steps:
First, choose a Dota 2 Account you want to buy and press quick view, examine the screenshots with statistics and info. Secondly, press Add to Cart and complete your purchase with PayPal which guarantees safety of your money. After you complete those steps, you will receive your Dota 2 account information to your email as well as in your Buyers Account (downloads tab) with steps to secure your account instantly if your payment goes through. 

P.S Random Accounts might take up to 12 hours to deliver.

To Sell Dota 2 Account, you need to register as Vendor on our site and list your goods (refer to this guide)

Why DOTA 2 Players are Buying Accounts?

For Buyers, it’s easy and understandable to buy account, as they can get a higher and desirable rank fast and not waste any time and nerves. If your account has low priority, low behavior score it’s also much easier to buy a ready account. 

If your MMR is high and you want to have fun and chill with your friends, you can buy a low mmr account and jump into the action straight away. 

Is it Legal to buy an Account?

It’s legal to buy an account, but it’s against the Steam TOS, so you must be cautious as there is always chance of you getting a ban on your newly bought account. 

Our DOTA 2 BOOSTING services

Have a lot of items, friends and memories on your main account? We can also rank it higher for you! 

All our boosters do the maximum precautions to avoid any troubles with your accounts! 

How do we get good accounts?

We have our own skilled team working in the different MMR and Medal pools and providing different accounts to us for sale, you can be sure that all accounts that we sell are checked and completely safe and you will have no problems with them. 

Is it worth it to buy a Dota 2 Account?

Absolutely! We sometimes keep a track of our account buyers and 70% of them perform better on the new account than on their main’s. You probably heard about forced 50% winrate, shadow pool and other things, let us tell you, they are definitely real.

So stop wasting your time and hop on on the new level and save yourself some nerves and time! See you on new MMR!

Good luck and have fun!  


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